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Who died and left you to write about it?

The first is a good question; the answer to the second is: we did.

Научно-исследовательский отдел Викиновостей стремится быть лучшим другом «оригинального репортёра». Он также может быть местом старта. Для того чтобы посмотреть и проверить пресс-релизы влиятельных организаций. Почему они думают, что это важно знать общественности и как люди отреагировали на это? Или ищите кое-что лёгкое для написания! For instance: What were the top grossing films last month? BoxOffice Mojo’s numbers are used by most major media outlets. Was your favorite television program renewed? What are the headlines from around the world about the U.S. Presidential election? You can write a story by clicking on their coverage below. What is the latest global warming news? What is the difference between British, American and Canadian public health advisories? Is Avian Flu still a major threat to humanity these days? Why not create a four or five 'news shorts' article on what happened in Ireland today? Where is the hot art market? What are people protesting, where, and why? Who is INTERPOL looking for, and what did he or she do?

You can find answers to all these questions, and come up with your own, by exploring the links below. Happy writing.

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