Ожидаемые события 14 мая 2020 года

Ожидаемые события 14 мая 2020 года (четверг):


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  • New observation was by me about getting older.

I found that fungal informations are responsible for that. Where simply the fungus makes the cell gets degenerative changes slowly and subclinicaly. For example the hair will fall after the fungal infection and the hair which will servive is going to be white. And the skin will be waek and gets rincles due to the fungal infections specially in the dark and wet areas like under the eye leds, behind the ears, and angels of the mouth. From there there will be satalite lesions like metastasis of the cancer, and the process will be slow and unnoticeable. Unfortunately there are no clinical trials in this matter, because diagnosing fungal infections needs biopsy in many occasions, and that is difficult, specially in the face. So if you want to stay young, treat fungal infections. Thank you.