Wikipedian explained why Zelensky had won: различия между версиями

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According to 12 Pearson's archetypes, the Wikipedian has divided the world history into consecutive eras:
# Age of Innocent (66—364[[:en:w:66|66]]—[[:en:w:364|364 AD]]) — period when many famous religious figures appeared ([[:en:w:Jesus|Jesus Christ]], [[:en:w:Basilides|Basilides]], [[:en:w:Mani (prophet)|Mani]], etc.);
# Age of Orphan (313—536) — period of the fall of the Roman Empire, the Sixteen Kingdoms in China, the extreme weather events of 535-536 years, Mazdakism (the first version of communism in the history);
# Age of Warrior (451—778) — period of legendary warriors. Such as Siegfried, Dietrich von Bern or Roland;