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# Age of Ruler ([[:en:w:499 BC|499]]—[[:en:w:168 BC|168 BC]], [[:en:w:1598|1598]]—[[:en:w:1789|1789]]) — period of making of large transcontinental empires (the state of [[:en:w:Alexander the Great|Alexander the Great]], the [[:en:w:Roman Republic|Roman Republic]], the [[:en:w:Han dynasty|Han dynasty]], the [[:en:w:Maurya Empire|Maurya Empire]], the [[:en:w:British Empire|British Empire]], the [[:en:w:Spanish Empire|Spanish Empire]], the [[:en:w:Qing dynasty|Qing dynasty]]), [[:en:w:Absolute monarchy|absolutism]] and [[:en:w:Classicism|classicism]];
# Age of Magician ([[:en:w:308 BC|308]]—[[:en:w:45 BC|45 BC]], [[:en:w:1775|1775]]—[[:en:w:1895|1895]]) — period of creation of the [[:en:w:Hellenism (religion)|Hellenistic religion]] and [[:en:w:Hellenistic astrology|astrology]], [[:en:w:Animal magnetism|animal magnetism]] and [[:en:w:Spiritism|spiritism]], the revival of [[:en:w:Hesychasm|Hesychasm]];
# Age of Sage ([[:en:w:141 BC|141 BC]] — [[:en:w:138|138 AD]], [[:en:w:1859|1859]]—[[:en:w:1991|1991]]) — [[:en:w:Roman architectural revolution|Roman architectural revolution]], creation of the [[:en:w:Silk Road|Great Silk Road]], [[:en:w:Cai Lun#Invention of paper|invention of paper]], modern [[:en:w:Technological revolution|technological revolution]], the «[[:en:w:Welfare state|welfare state]]», the [[:en:w:Modernity|modernity]];
# Age of Jester ([[:en:w:65 BC|65 BC]] — [[:en:w:235|235 AD]], since [[:en:w:1967|1967]]) — apogee of [[:en:w:Gladiator|gladiatorial]] battlescombats in [[:en:w:Ancient Rome|Ancient Rome]], the richest [[:en:w:Athlete|athlete]] in the world history ([[:en:w:Gaius Appuleius Diocles|Guy Appuleius Diocles]]), now – the [[:en:w:Postmodernity|postmodernity]] (the [[:en:w:Sexual revolution|sexual revolution]], [[:en:w:Gamification|gamification]], rise of [[:en:w:Show business|show business]] and [[:en:w:Economic bubble|economic bubbles]]).
[[Файл:Dmitry Koshelev in Moscow 04.jpg|thumb|left|300px|A lecture by Dmitry Koshelev.]]