Wikipedian explained why Zelensky had won: различия между версиями

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As a long-term forecast, the speaker suggested that the tendency to relocate people to [[:en:w:Megalopolis|megalopolises]] will continue for another 100—150 years, and then we should wait for [[:en:w:Counterurbanization|de-urbanization]]. He compares the future period with the return of the Age of Orphan, of which he considers the [[:en:w:Ringing Cedars' Anastasianism|Anastasianism]] to be the forerunners. A little earlier, the Age of Innocent will return, the inevitability of which the speaker justified by such facts as the [[:en:w:Islamic revival|Islamic revival]], [[:en:w:New Age|New Age]] faith and [[:en:w:New religious movement|new religious movements]].
For modernity, the most relevant things are [[:en:w:Entertainment|entertainment]]-related: this is exactly as the character of the archetype called Jester — the lecturer stated he viewed [[:en:w:Ancient Greek religion|ancient Greek god]] [[:en:w:Dionysus|Dionysus]] as Jester's symbol. As the author said, in order to achieve maximum personal success these days, one need to behave like a [[:en:w:Celebrity|pop star]]. By this factor, he explained the success of [[:en:w:Presidential election|presidential elections]] of people like [[:en:w:Donald Trump|Donald Trump]] and [[:en:w:Volodymyr Zelensky|Vladimir Zelensky]].
At the same time, as Koshelev [ wrote] in his [[:en:w:Blog|blog]] post at [[6 мая 2019 года|May 6]] about the [[:en:w:Aeroflot Flight 1492|accident of the Aeroflot Flight 1492]] in [[:en:w:Sheremetyevo International Airport|Sheremetyevo]], for today's psychology[[:en:w:Group ofdynamics|group societydynamics]]:
{{цитата|The scientific and technological achievements of the [[:en:w:20th century|20th century]] are too complex to be repeated, and sometimes even simply maintained.}}
The audience’s reaction to the presentation was very different. As the Tyumen online newspaper «» [ reported] about the lecture on April, 4, some listeners expressed the view that usage of archetypes is impossible. At the same time, the editor-in-chief of the «Moskovskij Komsomolets in Tyumen» newspaper Vyacheslav Devyatkov [ was] more supportive of the speaker: