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== Assistance with understanding how much original reporting costs ==
Hello and I apologize for writing in English. As all language Wikinews improves, [[:meta:The Wikinewsie Group|The Wikinewsie Group]] wants to be able better support original reporting done by contributors like you. One of our newsletters at [[:meta:The Wikinewsie Group/Newsletter|The Wikinewsie Group/Newsletter]] said you have recently published an original report. This is why I am contacting you.
Members of the [[:meta:The Wikinewsie Group|The Wikinewsie Group]] are trying to assess the costs associated with original reporting across all Wikinews projects. This way, we can determine how much original reporting currently costs, who is paying for it, what Wikinews and other projects get for these costs (especially when paid for by unpaid, volunteer contributor reporters). This information can then be used in applying for grants, measuring the success of Wikinews original reporting and seeing how reporters can be better supported. If you could complete [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1kvLJYT8tKFmOoK-7mb8yWDc9yojT8b2nEElgwepCQhc/viewform this survey on that topic], we would very much appreciate it. We will try to anonymize the responses as best possible when writing up any report. Thank you very much for taking the time to fill it out (especially in English). Please do not hesitate to ask [[:en:User talk:LauraHale|me]] or [[:en:User talk:Pi zero|pi zero]] about any questions you may have about this research. We hope the results will enable us to better assist you in conducting more original reporting on Wikinews. --[[Участник:LauraHale|LauraHale]] ([[Обсуждение участника:LauraHale|обсуждение]]) 08:29, 14 августа 2013 (UTC)