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[[Участник:Artem Korzhimanov]], уважаемый администратор, прошу подтвердить или опровергнуть административный итог [[Викиновости:Проверка статей/Запрос статуса#Леонид Макаров]]--[[Участник:Леонид Макаров|Леонид Макаров]] ([[Обсуждение участника:Леонид Макаров|обсуждение]]) 16:46, 1 июня 2019 (UTC)
== Few pages needs to be cleaned up after maintenance ==
''Sorry for writing in English.''
Hello, after [[:phab:T173070|recent maintenace]] that was done on your wiki, a few of pages that were previously inaccessible are accessible again. Some of those pages couldn't be fixed, because their name was taken by another page. For that reason, I've moved those pages to start with <code>T173070</code>. I'd like ask you to review those pages, move them to correct title or delete them, if they are no longer needed. You can find the list of pages that needs maintenance in the [[:phab:P8677|output of the maintenance script]]. If you need any help with this, please feel free to [[:m:User talk:Martin Urbanec|contact me]]. Best regards, --[[User:Martin Urbanec|Martin Urbanec]] ([[User talk:Martin Urbanec|talk]]) 21:15, 27 июня 2019 (UTC)
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