Участник:Krassotkin/Google and Mozilla are taking steps to prevent Internet usage from being monitored

The statement from the two organizations comes after reports that Internet providers in Kazakhstan have begun to oblige users to install a government-issued certificate in every browser on all online devices they own.

The Ministry of Digital Development of Kazakhstan claims that it is a security measure - a technical initiative that ISPs in the capital Nur-Sultan are taking to strengthen consumer protection against hacking, online fraud and other cyber-attacks. However, Google and Mozilla claim that this will allow the government to decrypt and read everything that the user views or publishes. The explanation did not satisfy them, and they say they will implement a technical solution that will block government certificates.

Technology website The Hacker News claims that Apple has also blocked the Safari government's certificates in its browser.

According to researchers at the Censored Planet site, which monitors the monitoring system in Kazakhstan, only a small number of sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Google, are monitored there.