Участник:Krassotkin/Scientists have discovered older versions of a painting by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting "The Madonna of the Rocks" has been researched by scholars who have found older drafts for the little Jesus and for the angel under her paint. They look very different from their final options. The angel and Jesus were positioned higher up in the picture and the angel was looking down.

Studies from 2005 found that the posture of the Virgin Mary was altered by the artist, but they could not determine the previous postures of the other depicted. At that time they could distinguish only a few lines from them.

According to National Gallery Gallery restorer Larry Kate, the findings show how Leonardo's thinking and plans have changed. This shows that he is constantly rethinking and changing his paintings.

Leonardo painted the painting as decoration for the chapel altar in Milan.

Another version of the painting is exhibited at the Louvre in Paris.