The Wikimedia Foundation broke Russian Wikinews

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9 September 2020 года

This article mentions Wikimedia Foundation, one of  its projects or related people. Wikinews  is one of Wikimedia Foundation projects.

At 2:44 a.m. (UTC) on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, Whatamidoing, the official representative of the Wikimedia Foundation for Project Communities, notified Russian Wikinews members about shutdown of all news feeds in the project, and also explained that the mechanism for creating news feeds ( DynamicPageList; DPL) will be removed from the Wikimedia software codebase.

From this moment, all pages of the Russian Wikinews - all news and categories - are displayed with errors. It is impossible to see the latest news both for the whole project and for any tag. Social media posts also display an error instead of news text.

After a while Martin Urbanec (чеш. Martin Urbanec) reported that he had disabled the mechanism for creating news feeds due to the high load that Russian Wikinews creates on the servers of the Wikimedia Foundation.

In open discussions on the forum and at Phabricator (a project to provide technical support for the Wikimedia engine code base), project participants expressed their astonishment about what had happened. Since the main (news) space of Russian Wikinews contains only about 150 thousand notes, the impossibility of making a selection from such a small database may indicate limitations in the software architecture of Wikimedia projects. This situation requires an immediate overriding solution regardless of the current problem.

Until the developers of the Wikimedia Foundation solve the software problem, the Russian Wikinews community will not be able to continue working and regretfully states that:

«We have no other news for you.»



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