Tatar Wiki-autumn: from language to history and culture

14 октября 2020 года

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The interest in using opportunities offered by Wikimedia projects for preservation and development of Tatar language has led to questions of promoting ethnic and regional history, tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Upon presentation at the Commission for the Preservation and Strengthening of Tatar language use under the auspices of the Republic of Tatarstan President hearing, Wikimedians were invited to co-organize a seminar in the Şihabetdin Märcani Institute of History of the Republic of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences.

Wikimedians were included into the Commission, established by the July 6th Decree (Архивная копия от 3 марта 2021 на Wayback Machine) of the Tatarstan President after 1,5 years of collaboration with various ministries, departments and organizations of the Republic. The analysis of the role and significance of Wiki for preservation of linguistic diversity, as well as the roadmap for introducing related practices into the Tatar community, completed and planned actions, as well as progress tracking mechanisms were presented to the public during the second hearing that took place on the 6th of October. Following this, Tatarstan Academy of Sciences' History Institute invited Farhad Fatkullin to present at the Introductory seminar for academic community, Tatarstan New Century State-owned TV company prepared two short interviews and there were some follow on interactions with privately-owned regional media.

On the 13th of October 2020 at 11:00am the Republic of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences Institute of History will be organizing an educational seminar «Effective methods of working with Wiki-content» (rm. 221). The invited expert will be Farhad Fatkullin, member of «„Wikimedia RU“ Non-Profit Partnership» for the Advancement of Encyclopedic Knowledge.

This is an invitation to all departments to identify a participating staff member (preferably the ones to be preparing materials for Wikipedia and capable to teach others).

Issues for discussion:

  • Appropriate editing behaviour on Wikipedia
  • How to create a new page in Tatar and Russian Wikipedia (who can be an author in Wikipedia, what does that need, should you register an account, typical errors)
  • Referencing sources in Wikipedia
  • Other algorythms for improving effectiveness when editing / adding information on Wikipedia
  • Principle policies of Tatar and Russian Wikipedia and typical new user errors
  • Prospects of using other Wikimedia projects (Wikivoyage, Wikibooks, Wikisource etc.) for describing and promoting knowledge about Tatar history and culture.
  • Principle dimensions of «Wikimedia RU» community’s activities

The event was organized by the Institute’s deputy director for international cooperation and public relations Marat Gibatdinov. History institute staff was joined by Liliya Davletshina of scientific editing department at the Republic of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences Institute of Tatar Encyclopedia and Regional Studies that publishes Tatar Encyclopaedia and develops its online version — Encyclopedia Tatarica. As an envoy of their institution, she passed a symbolic token of appreciating ongoing contacts with Wikimedia community to commemorate Wikimedians' visit to their institution on Nov.8th, 2017 and a remote interaction since (Wikidata now has identifiers for linking to Tatarica articles in Russian and Tatar, whilst Tatar Wikipedia community officially recognizes them as a reliable source and notability indicator for Tatar matters).

The same day has witnessed to efforts by Tatar Book Publishers' staff beginning to contribute into Tatar Wikipedia by adding links to audiobooks of Tatar literature masterpieces that are now in the public domain. The publishing house has exclusive rights for the audios and their leadership requested Wikimedians to help them with procedures to justify their right for uploading those on Wikimedia Commons (similarly to Kazakh Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia «Whole of Russia» and images from Kaliningrad Amber Combine collection).

Later similar consulting help is to be provided for Wikimedia Commons and Wikisource uploads of publications by Tatarstan Muslim Spiritual Board publishing house, as well as developing necessary documents and procedures for Wikimedia Russia to run Tatarstan regional government prize sponsored Tatar-language wiki-contests Татар 4.0 and Tatarstan-specific one from «Discover Russia» series.

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